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I am an Aerospace Engineer with specialties in flutter, fluid structure interactions, and the use of CFD in a production environment. My dissertation shows how to improve the state-of-the-art unsteady CFD performance by 2 orders of magnitude. I am an engineer, a pilot, a marksman, a husband, and a dad.

Questions Answered

Questions Answered

I am available for answering specific questions (ie. consulting, homework, tutoring). My specialties are numerical methods, mathematics, mechanical and aerospace engineering, fluid dynamics, and aviation.
  My standard rate for a specific answer to a non-emergency email question is $20. Work exceeding 1 hr will be charged at $50/hr. Emergency and on-site work is $500 per day. This is a bargain for accessing a PhD engineer.

You will receive an answer by 8am the following morning. Answers requiring research, simulation, and/or literature review will require more time and should be negotiated in advance.

Prepay at PayPal
email: charles.oneill@gmail.com
phone: (617) 449-8206
web: charles-oneill.blogspot.com and bit.ly/ConsultPhD

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